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Layout of a Hydro Power Plant

Layout of a Hydro Power Plant Points : Layout of a Hydro Power Plant Hydro power plant water as of dam is bringing to water turbine with a large diameter penstock pipe. Penstock pipe is prepared of steel or durable concrete. It is enviable to reduce sharp bends in penstock pipe to evade the loss of head with special anchoring.

Depending upon load on turbine, the quantity of water required is controlled mechanically with a valve operate by a centrifugal governor. Lest the amount of water is swiftly abridged or bunged by governor mechanism, water coming down by a high velocity will make turbulence ensuing in a water hammer in pipe. Penstock pipe might be damage due to water hammer. To stop this, a surge tank is providing. As of the turbine, water is allowable to bypass through a draft tube to tail race. Tail race is water path leading the release water as of turbine to river or canal.

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