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Construction of Air Craft

Construction of Air Craft Points : Construction of Air Craft, Construction of Aero Plane, Construction of Jet 1. Wings It has two wings which contain cross-section of aero foils. Lift is give when air flows above the wings. They have a. aileron to adjust roll b. slats to adjust lift, and c. flap to adjust drag. 2. Landing Gear Wheels of aircraft type landing gear. Aircraft picks up sufficient velocity on wheels so that wings increase sufficient lift to airborne. 3. Vertical Stabilizer It manage yaw. A rudder is give in vertical stabilizer. 4. Horizontal Stabilizer It powers the pitch. Elevators are give in the stabilizer. 5. Fuselage/Body This is major space for carriage of fuselage with passengers. 6. Cockpit This is a compartment for pilots as it contains every equipment for control with communication. 7. Jets or Propellers They give needed propulsion thrust to aircraft.

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