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Components of Hydro Power Plant

Components of Hydro Power Plant Points : Components of Hydro Power Plant, Parts of Hydro Power Plant, Construction of Hydro Power Plant The basic components of a hydropower plant:
1. Turbine
2. Generators
3. Power lines
4. Intake
5. Dam
6. Outflow
7. Transformer
1. Turbine Water hit with turns large blades of a turbine, which is attach to generator over it with way of a shaft. Mainly general type of turbine for hydropower plants is Francis Turbine, which appear similar to a big disc by curved blades. Turbine weighs as much as 172 tons with turn at rate of 90 revolution p/m (rpm). 2. Generators While turbine blades turn, so do a sequence of magnets in generator. Giant magnets turn past copper coils, produce alternating current (AC) by affecting electrons. 3. Power lines Every power plant come four wires: three phases of power being formed concurrently plus a neutral or ground familiar to all three. 4. Intake Gate on dam unlock with gravity pulls water during penstock, a tube that leads to turbine. Water build up pressure as it flows through pipe. 5. Dam The majority hydropower plants on a dam that grip back water create a large reservoir. Frequently, this reservoir is use as a recreational lake. 6. Outflow Use water is passed through pipelines, call tailraces, with Re-enters River downstream. 7. Transformer Transformer within the powerhouse take AC with converts it to higher-voltage current.

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