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Care and Use of Slip Gauge

Care and Use of Slip Gauges Points : Care and Use of Slip Gauges
  1. Brush do not use for this purpose, as otherwise the jelly might be aerated and moisture in the bubbles so formed might cause rust of faces.
  2. All care must be taken to protect the gauges as of getting magnetized or else they will magnetize metallic dust.
  3. Gauges must be use only in air-conditioned rooms free as of dust with maintain at stable temperature.
  4. While the gauges are not in use they must be kept only in their case which must be kept closed.
  5. The Gauge blocks must be handled by a piece of chamios leather or perspex tongs.
  6. Usage would also rust high finish of gauges owing to the natural acid in skin.
  7. The wipe must if possible be done all time previous to using the gauges.
  8. Gauges and their case must be protected as of dust and dirt.

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