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Advantages of Gas Turbine over Diesel Engine and Steam Turbine

Advantages of Gas Turbine over Diesel Engine and Steam Turbine Points : Advantages of Gas Turbine over Diesel Engine and Steam Turbine Fuel The fuel is used in gas turbine is very low cost exhaust gases are used in it which is made by mixing air and natural gas or in expensive coal. But in case of diesel engine it is very necessary to use high speed diesel oil as fuel for good efficiency. In steam turbine steam is only fuel used in it and boiler is basic need for generating steam that's why gas turbine is more advantageous rather than other. Lubrication The lubrication of gas turbine is easy because only main bearing of turbines need lubrication. But in diesel engine lubrication is typical and high cost. Because to much friction causes in the engine which causes distortion and reduce the life of various engine parts, various parts of engine need proper lubrication are piston, big end bearings, crank pins small end bearing gudgeon pins, valve, tappet and valve guide and timing gears. The lubrication of steam turbine is some of more than gas turbine. Maintenance The initial and maintenance cost of gas turbine are low as compare to stem turbine and diesel engine the maintenance cost of diesel engine is to high because lubrication oil and HSDO as fuel used in it which causes accumulation of carbon scale on various parts of engine also the life of diesel engine is limited after limit the engine needs complete overhauling and periodic maintenance. Operation and Start Gas turbine's operation and starting system is simple and it can be quickly started comparatively than diesel engine and steam engine. Thermodynamic Efficiency In gas turbine the inlet temp is 800°C which is quiet sufficient whereas it is about 5000 C in case of steam turbine which is low and the inlet temp after comb1s ion of4 fuel in diesel engine is nearly 1500°C to 2000 °C this may cause the distortion.

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