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Machining Allowance in Casting

Machining Allowance in Casting Points : Machining Allowance in Casting, Definition Machining Allowances used for finis are prepared on a pattern to create the casting suitably oversize on definite surfaces to allow the machining of these surfaces in machine shop. These surfaces on machine casting frequently need machine process such as shaping, turning, milling, drilling and other types machine shop process. Normal finish allowance for ferrous metals, such as iron and steel, is 18 in. Normal and enough allowance for non-ferrous metal such as brass bronze, with aluminum is 1/16 inch. In various cases the finish allowance will be as high as 3/4 inch. On the surface of casting that is also large or has a propensity to warp. Surfaces of a casting, which are to be machined are marked on machine drawing commonly the finish marks are two kind. ‘v’ and ‘f’ there are mainly usually used. Finish allowance must never be overlooked or omitted as of a pattern if the plan designate a finished surface on a casting.

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