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Moulding Techniques

Moulding Techniques Points : Moulding Techniques, types of moulding Techniques Following the patterns are arranged they are sent used for moulding. Moulds are set in any sand or a comparable material by the help of the patterns so that a cavity of the preferred shape is formed. For obtain hollow portions, cores are ready unconnectedly in core boxes. Moulds and cores are then baked to impart force any finally assembled for pouring. Moulding work might he carry out also by hand or by the help of machines depending on output necessary. Correct mould design and collection for flow of molten metal is very essential for the production of sand castings. Some of them are the followings for the production of different alloys/metals:
  1. Vacuum moulding
  2. Investment Casting
  3. Plaster moulding
  4. Permanent mould casting.
  5. Core sand moulding
  6. Centrifugal casting.
  7. Machine moulding
  8. Floor moulding
  9. Stacked moulding
  10. Ceramic moulding
  11. Skelton moulding
  12. Loan moulding
  13. Sweep moulding
  14. Shell moulding
  15. Hand moulding
  16. Die casting.
  17. Co2 Process
  18. Pit moulding

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