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Working and Parts of Shaper Machine

Working and Parts of Shaper Machine Points : Working of Shaper Machine, Main Parts of Shaper machine, Construction and Working of Shaper Machine Working Work-piece is firmly fixed on machine table. Single point cutting tool held correctly on tool post is mount on a reciprocate ram. Reciprocate movement of ram is obtain by a fast return motion machinery. Because the ram reciprocates, tool cuts the material during its forward stroke. Through go back, there is no cutting action and this stroke is call the idle stroke. Forward and return strokes form one working cycle of shaper. Main Parts of Shaper Machine The main parts of horizontal shaper are as below:
1. Ram
2. Table
3. Clapper box
4. Tool head
5. Column
6. Cross Rail
7. Stroke Adjustment
8. Table supports
9. Base
1. Ram Ram is a heavy casting that responds on ways of column. Ram movement is obtaining also mechanically, on crank type shapers, pivoted rocker, which is fixed firmly during linkage to ram, or reciprocates the ram hydraulically. Hydraulically driven shapers are like to crank type but that hydraulic oil pressures developed by a pump drive the ram. Hydraulic shapers contain the advantages of wider angle of speed and feeds and consistent motion. 2. Table Table is mounting on way to moves on horizontal way of cross rail. Table is void container casting by machined T-slots on the top and sides. Vise is generally fixed firmly to top of table to hold work piece. There are two kind of tables Plain and Universal. Plain table is able of horizontal and vertical actions only and universal table, in addition to affecting horizontally and vertically be able to swivel to machine angles on job. 3. Clapper box Clapper box is hanged to tool slide. It can be rotate a small sum in each direction. Clapper box have to be correctly placed while make vertical or angular cuts so tool will swing out with away as of the work piece to give the clearance on swing out and away as of the work piece to give clearance on return stroke. For horizontal cuts, clapper box is generally positioned vertically. Shaper cutting tool is held in tool post on clapper box on cutting stroke the pressure as of the cutting tool holds clapper box resolutely beside the tool head. 4. Tool head Tool head is fixed to front of ram and be able to swivel for make angular nuts. It has tool post with tool holder that hold cutting tool. Tool slide is moved lip or down by a feed screw to regulate for correct depth of cut. 5. Column Column is void casting mount directly on base housing the working, mechanism to force the ram. Upper surface of column has two precision machined conducts on which ram respond. Front face of column has to be machined at right angles to ram conduct on top of column. 6. Cross Rail Cross rail permit vertical and horizontal movement of table. Cross feed mechanism is attached to cross rail. 7. Stroke Adjustment Reciprocate movement of ram of a shaper is gain by the mechanism. Drive pinion rotate the bull wheel at consistent speed. On the side of bull wheel is a rocker arm have a slot by a diabolic, which is free to slide. Die block is attached by a crank pin to bull wheel. Radius of revolution of crank pin which manages length of the stroke is too changeable as it is fixed to a block sliding in a dovetail slot on bull wheel. 8. Table supports Table supports extend as of outer surface of table to the base and is use on some larger shapers to support the weight of table. 9. Base Base is a heavy casting to supports all main element parts of machine.

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