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Shaper Cutting Tools

Shaper Cutting Tools Points : Shaper Machine Cutting Tools Shaper process, be different as of produce a flat surface to produce curve, grooves with different difficult shapes. Toward generate this surface; an extensive actuality of cutting tools ground at unusual shapes and angles is necessary. Shapes of cutting tools differ by the work, type of cut and form of the machine. Shaper machine tool bits have to cutting clearances as to lathe tool bits, still while the shaper is held in a vertical piston and lathe tool bit is held horizontal as shaper machine tool does not feed to one side in to work piece on cutting stroke side clearance is enough. The front clearance is generally 40° over front clearance will cause the tool bit too dull speedily as of not enough support after the cutting edge. While insufficient front clearance is ground on tool bit the tool bit Russ and reason poor cutting action, leaving a rough surface finish.

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