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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Main Parts of Planer Machine

Main Parts of Planer Machine Points : Main Parts of Planer Machine, Main Parts of Planing Machine, Enlist major parts of planer, Saddle, Cross rails, Tool head, Table, Housing, Bed The main parts of Planer machine are as below:
1. Saddle
2. Cross rails
3. Tool head
4. Table
5. Housing
6. Bed
1. Saddle Saddle is a part to be fixed to ways of cross rail. On its front surface are ways to which tool head is fixed jointly by a vertical feed screw that give for a vertical movement of tool head. There are two saddles, one for the left tool head, and other for the right tool head. Every one might be operate separately of other. 2. Cross rails Cross rail is a part that is mounting in a horizontal position of vertical way of the housing. Its function is to take the vertical tool heads which by means of feed screws might be moved as of left to right. Cross rail is moved up or down through means of moving screws that are placed in the ways of housing. 3. Tool head Tool head is a component attach to saddle, which contain the tool post, which in turn hold cutting tools. Tool post is hinged to head so that on come back movement of table the cutting tool force is raise with ride on top of job. This saves the cutting edge of tool as of being damage and permits the automatic saves supply to function with no intrusion. 4. Table The table is a huge rectangular casting to mount on top of bed, on sliding V ways. Its function is to hold the job. Upper surface has T slots in it to make easy clamp of job or vises with particular fixtures by T bolts. 5. Housing Housing is huge vertical casting to straddle the table and bed of planer with supports machinery for the process of tool heads. 6. Bed Bed is a big box similar to casting which acts as groundwork of the machine. Other parts are attaching to or supported by the bed. It is prepared out of cast iron.

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