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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Main Components of Simple Gas Turbine

Main Components of Simple Gas Turbine Points : Main Components of Simple Gas Turbine, Compressor, Combustion Chamber, Turbine, Intercooler, Regenerator, Gas turbine, Reheating unit The main components of a simple gas turbine cycle.
1. Compressor
2. Combustion Chamber
3. Turbine
4. Intercooler
5. Regenerator
6. Gas turbine
7. Reheating unit
1. Compressor In simple gas turbine power plant centrifugal compressor is the most suitable it is quite rugged in construction, can operate more efficiency over a wide range of mass rate of flow of air than comparable to other compressor. 2. Combustion Chamber The combustion chamber is another main components of a gas turbine cycle in the combustion process taking place inside the combustion process taking place inside the combustion chamber is quite important because it is in this process that energy, which is latter converted in to the work by the turbine is supplied therefore the combustion chamber should provided through mixing of fuel and air as well as combustion products and air so that complete combustion and uniform temp distribution in the combustion gasses may be achieved. Combustion should placed at high efficiency the combustion process should be low. And the combustion chamber should provide sufficient volume and length for complete combustion of fuel the temp developed 15 too high and the difficulty is avoided by adding a satisfactory amount of air to maintain stable combustion and the n combustion cooled to a temp by introducing secondary air the sum of primary and secondary air is total need for combustion. 3. Turbine Turbine drives the compressor and the load. Both impulse and reaction turbines can be used is gas turbines power plants. As Compared to steam turbines gas turbines have few stages because they operate on smaller pressure drops, turbine is the main component of the gas turbine cycle. The various requirements of turbines are as follows.
1. High weight
2. High efficiency
3. Reliability in operation
4. long working life
4. Intercooler Intercooler is use to decrease the work of compressor with it is located in among the high pressure with low pressure compressor. Intercoolers are commonly use while pressure ratio is extremely high. The energy necessary to condense the air is proportional to air temperature at inlet. Cooling of compressed air in intercooler is usually through by water. 5. Regenerator Regenerator is use to preheat the air which is inflowing into combustion chamber to decrease the fuel consumption with to raise the efficiency. This is complete by the heat of hot exhaust gases coming out of turbine. 6. Gas turbine Two types of gas turbines are use in gas turbine plant.
a. High pressure turbine
b. Low pressure turbine
a. High Pressure Turbine In start, the starting motor run compressor shaft. Burnt gases (product of combustion) increase throughout the high pressure turbine. It is main to note that when turbine shaft revolve it infect drives compressor shaft which is combine to it. Currently, the high pressure turbine runs compressor with the starting motor is stopped up. About 66% of power develop with the turbine is use to run compressor and just 34% of power developed is use to produce electric power. b. Low Pressure Turbine The function of low pressure turbine is to generate electric power. Shaft of LPT is attached by the generator. Burnt fuel (gases) after leaving the HPT is over sent to a combustion chamber where it extra undergo combustion. Still if there is some left out unburnt fuel as of the previous turbine it gets entirely burnt in combustion chamber. Burnt gases run low pressure turbine (LPT). Shaft of turbine is directly attached by the generator for produce electricity. Exhaust hot gases after exit LPT passes during the regenerator by exhausted throughout chimney into atmosphere. The heat as of the hot gases is use to preheat the air exit HPC before it enter the combustion chamber. This preheating of air improves the effectiveness of combustion chamber. 7. Reheating Unit This unit, additional fuel is additional to the exhaust gases coming out as of the high pressure turbine, with the reheated combustion products goes into the low pressure turbine.

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