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Classification of Shaper Machine

Classification of Shapers Points : Classification of Shaper machine Shapers are classifying in the follow way: 1. According to cutting stroke (i) Push type shaper
(ii) Draw cut type shaper
2. According to the length of stroke (i) 30 cm shaper
(ii) 45 cm shaper
(iii) 60 cm shaper
3. According to force (i) Mechanical shapers
(ii) Crank-driven shapers
(iii) Geared shapers
(iv) Hydraulic shapers
4. According to movement of the ram (i) Horizontal shaper
(ii) Vertical shaper or slotter
5. According to movement of table (i) Simple shaper
(ii) Universal shaper
6. According to process of transmit power (i) All geared shaper
(ii) Cone pulley belt-driven shaper

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