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Type of Oxy-Acetylene Flames

Type of Oxy-Acetylene Flames Points : Type of Oxy-Acetylene Flames, Name the kind of oxy-acetylene flames Following are the types of flames are.
1. Carburizing Flame
2. Neutral Flame
3. Oxidizing Flame
1. Carburizing Flame Through on fire glut of acetylene obtain carburizing flame. In this flame there are three zones in its place of two in neutral flame. Among the glowing cone and the other cover there is one more cone have white color. Its length is able to be enlarged by the capacity of acetylene. This is call reducing flame as well. It is use on sure alloy steels and mainly of non-ferrous metals.
2. Neutral Flame While single part of acetylene and small more than single part of oxygen are accurately mixed and burnt, the neutral flame is formed. In this flame the inner tip is white and there are no greenish effects of acetylene. This flame is use for welding non-ferrous metals and is mainly suitable for welding steels.
3. Oxidizing Flame Oxidizing flame is obtained by burning excess of oxygen. In this inner cone is greatly shorter. This flame is use in fusion welding of brass with bronze. It is not commonly used as it is unsafe to various metals.

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