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Comparison between High and Low Pressure Welding System

Comparison between High and Low Pressure System Points : Comparison between High and Low Pressure System, What is the difference between high pressure welding and low pressure welding system
Comparison between High and Low Pressure Welding System
High Pressure Welding
Low Pressure Welding
1.The pressure is decrease by means of reducing valves. The gases are mix around in equal extent in the blow pipe mixing chamber.The oxygen is supplied from high pressure cylinders during reducing valves as in high pressure system but the blow pipe intended in such a way that the high pressure oxygen drives or inject the low pressure acetylene to blow pipe tip.
2.Hydraulic back pressure valve is not necessary.Hydraulic back pressure valve is a necessity.
3.Continuous and heavy work can be finished at stable pressure.Caused by generated acetylene the pressure varies.
4.Plant is moveable and simple to assemble and dismantle.Generator is difficult to move and lot of space is required.
5.Acetylene is in purified and dry form.Acetylene is purifying during purifiers and then dries.
6.Acetylene gas is full from steel cylinder in compressed form.Acetylene gas is full from generator at low pressure.
7.Precise and clean plant.Lot of purity is needed in generate the acetylene gas.
8.Extra safe plant.Less safe plant as the probability of leakage is always there in generator connected lop.

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