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Safety Precautions during Gas Welding

Safety Precautions during Gas Welding Points : Safety Precautions during Gas Welding, What are the safety precautions which should be observed during “GAS” welding
  1. Cylinders stored in open must have their valve and protection devices confined against increase of dust, ice and snow.
  2. Correct range wrenches must be use for tightening the connections. Don’t use free wrenches or pipe wrench.
  3. Before regulator is detached from the cylinder, close the cylinder valve and free all gas from regulator.
  4. Oxygen cylinders must not be store in an acetylene generator room or nearer to the flammable gases.
  5. Repair of regulator must be carry out by supplier or workings specially trained for this work.
  6. Review inspection of gauges should be conduct to comfort that their readings are accurate.
  7. While regulators are not to be use for a extended time, reduce pressure on the valve seat.
  8. Cylinder nuts and fittings must be sometimes checked besides faulty seating.
  9. The pressure regulate screw must be free before the cylinder valve is opened.
  10. If gas cylinders are not clearly marked as to what they contain do not use them.
  11. Unfilled cylinders must have their valves closed with the cap on.
  12. Leaks must be detected by soap water free as of grease.
  13. Pressure regulate screw must be turned slowly.
  14. Use hoses which are made for welding.

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