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Safety Precautions for Heating Metal in the Hearth

Safety Precautions for Heating Metal in the Hearth Points : What Safety Precautions should be taken for heating metal in the hearth
  1. The work must be given least possible number of beats as extra heating’s can damage molecular structure. Particular care must be in use for carbon steel and the alloy steels.
  2. Carbon steels must not be pasture by cold tongs as cold tongs will take the sudden drop in the hotness and surface crack may increase at those spots.
  3. Heavy and large work must be heated slowly. Slow heating is accomplished by adjust the waist gradually.
  4. Cold metal must not be inserting straight in the forge, as it may create surface cracks.
  5. Work-piece must be insert in heat zone and don’t touching the air blast.
  6. As far as likely the job must be kept covered by coal to shun oxidizing.
  7. The work must not make at while heat, or else it will create fusing.
  8. Confirm that the fire is clean and has no smoke.

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