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Difference Between Governor and Flywheel

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Difference Between Governor and Flywheel
1.Valves are there and there opening is controlled by the centrifugal force on the balls attach.There are no valves attached with the flywheel
2.A governor, or a speed limiter, is a device use to calculate and adjust the speed of a machine, such as an engine.The purpose of flywheel is to control speed dissimilarity caused by adjust in turning moment during a cycle.
3.Governor maintains stable mean speed over a period of time.Flywheel controls the speed for one cycle only
4.It regulates the speed for in excess of a period of time.It does not have any control in excess of the amount of charge supplied in engine.
5.It is not connect to the crankshaft.It is connect to the crank shaft and runs it at a stable speed
6.It regulates speed through regulating the quantity of charge.It controls and regulates speed simply during one cycle.
7.Governor is required in all the prime movers (engines)Flywheel is not required in all the prime movers (engines)
8.It is use to limit the speed.It can’t change the speed of the crankshaft

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