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Inductance Type Transducers

Inductance Type Transducers Points : inductance type transducers, working of inductance type transducers, construction and working pricipal of inductance type transducers Inductance-type transducer has of main three parts: coil, movable magnetic core, and pressure sensing element. Element is attach to core, and, as pressure vary element cause the core to go inside coil. An AC voltage is apply to coil, and, as core go, Inductance of coil changes. Current through the coil will enhance as inductance reduce. For increased kindliness, coil can be divided into two coils through use a center tap, as given away in picture. While core moves inside the coils, inductance of one coil will raise, as the other will reduce.
Another kind of inductance transducer, show in picture, operate two coils wound on a single tube with is frequently referred to a Differential Transformer. Primary coil is wound about the center of tube. Secondary coil is separated by one half wound about every end of tube. Each end is wound in differing direction, which reason the voltages induce to resist one another. A core, placed through a pressure element, is changeable within tube. As the core is in the lesser position, lower half of secondary coil give the output. As the core is in the tipper place, the tipper half of secondary coil give output. Magnitude and direction of output depends on quantity the core is displacing as of its center position. As the core is in the mid-position, present is no resulting output.

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