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Difference between Reversible and Irreversible Processes

Difference between Reversible and Irreversible Processes Points : difference between reversible and irreversible processes, comparison between reversible and irreversible processes, reversible processes vs irreversible processes
Difference between Reversible and Irreversible Processes
Reversible Processes
Irreversible Processes
1.System undergo reversible processes has greatest efficiency. So the system with reversible processes are consider as reference systems or bench marks.System have irreversible processes do not contain greatest efficiency as it is accompany through the wastage of energy.
2.It is invented as it assumes the occurrence of frictionless and weight less piston.It is real and can be perform actually.
3.Reversible process leaves no trace of incidence of process upon the system and surroundings after its’ reversal.Evidences of process having occur are evident even after reversal of irreversible process.
4.Reversible process can be carried out in reverse way following similar path as followed in onward direction.Irreversible process, while carried out in reverse direction follows path dissimilar as of that in forward direction.
5.It is in equilibrium state at all stage of the process.It is in equilibrium condition just at the first and final stage of process.
6.Reversible process occur at minuscule rate i.e. quasi-static process.Irreversible processes occur at limited rate.
7.System remains all through in thermodynamic equilibrium during rate of such process.System does not stay in thermodynamic equilibrium through occurrence of irreversible processes.
8.Reversible process cannot be realized in practice.All sensible processes occurring are irreversible processes.
9.Such processes can happen in also directions with no violating second law of thermodynamics.Occurrence of irreversible processes in also direction is not feasible, as in one direction it shall be accompany by the violation of second law of thermodynamics.
10.It is extremely slow.It proceeds at measureable speed.

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