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Classification of Pressure Vessels

Classification of Pressure Vessels Points : classification of pressure vessels The pressure vessels may be classified as follows: 1. According to dimensions Pressure vessels, according to dimensions, can be classify as thin shell or thick shell. If wall width of shell is below 1/10 of diameter of shell then it’s called a thin shell. On other hand, if wall thickness of shell is more than 1/10 of diameter of shell, then it is said to be a thick shell. Thin shells are use in boilers, tanks and pipes, while thick shells are use in high pressure cylinders, tanks, gun barrels and so on. Note An additional principle to classify pressure vessels as thin shell or thick shell is inside fluid pressure and the tolerable stress. If internal fluid pressure is below 1/6 of allowable stress, then it is call a thin shell. On other hand, if inside fluid pressure is more than 1/6 of the allowable stress, then it is supposed to be a thick shell. 2. According to end construction Pressure vessels, according to ending construction, can be classified as open end or closed end. A easy cylinder by a piston, for example cylinder of a press is an exemplar of an open end vessel, while a tank is an exemplar of a closed end vessel. Lest of vessels have open ends, the circumferential or hoop stresses are induce by fluid pressure, while in case of closed ends, longitudinal stresses in adding to circumferential stresses are induce.

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