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Gauges and Gauging - True and False

Gauges and Gauging - True and False Points : gauges and gauging, mechanical engineering, metrology, mechanical technology, mcqs, evaluation, judgment, gauging, rating, consideration, analysis, examination, workup, test, review, objective type question and answer, true and false True and False
  1. Most modern diving depth gauges have an electronic mechanism and digital display. T
  2. Gauge blocks of calibration grade are used where highest level of accuracy is desired. T
  3. The dead-weight gauge is a null-reading type of measuring instrument. T
  4. The theory of the Bourdon tube is very complex, but in practice its analysis can be very simple. F
  5. In wire gauges the number on the slots is not its gauge number. F
  6. A gauge block is a square block made up of hardened copper. F
  7. In wire gauges, sheets or wire which is to be measured passes through these slots and it is checked. T
  8. An accurate reading on the dual indicator depend on a sense of feel like when using an outside micrometer. F
  9. Gauging process is also widely used in the reclaiming of the worn gauges. T
  10. Double ended, plain gauges have “Go” and “Not Go” members assembled on opposite ends. T
  11. The true value of a gauge is measured by its accuracy an service life. T
  12. Radius gauges required a bright light behind the object to be measured. T
  13. Feeler gauge are mostly used in engineering to measure the clearance between two parts. T
  14. The most frequently used pressure gauge is probably the burden-tube type. T
  15. Slip gauges are also known as gauge block. T
  16. Capsule sensors can also be used either vertical or in horizontal shape. T
  17. Profile gauge are made t check any special shape which is possible any conventional method. F
  18. A depth gauge is not a pressure gauge that displays the equivalent depth in water. F
  19. Most gauges are provided with the “Go” and “Not Go” features in a single jaw. T
  20. The force balance differential pressure detector is used as gauge pressure detectors. T

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