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Friday, 27 February 2015

Marking Tools - Fill in the Blanks

Marking Tools - Fill in the Blanks Points : marking tools mechanical engineering, metrology, mechanical technology, mcqs, evaluation, judgment, gauging, rating, consideration, analysis, examination, workup, test, review, objective type question and answer, fill in the blanks Fill in the Blanks
  1. Draw large circles and measure size able distances with Odd leg caliper orger name is Trammels.
  2. Scriber is used instead of pencils as the mark pencils can not be seen as clearly as scriber marks.
  3. A scriber block is used to lines at a set height from the base, thus its second name is Surface Gauge.
  4. Dividers are used for scribing arcs and circles.
  5. The distance between fulerum roller enter and the extreme working end of one legs in divider is known as the Dividers.
  6. Odd leg caliper orger name is Hermophetric Caliper.

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