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Working of Loeffler Boiler

Working of Loeffler Boiler Points : working principle of loeffler boiler The main trouble in Lamont boiler is the deposition of salt and sediment on inner surface of water tubes. This trouble was solving in Loeffler boiler through preventing flow of water into boiler tubes. The majority of the steam is generate outside as of the feed water using part of superheated steam surfacing as of the boiler. The pressure feed pump draws water through economizer and delivers it into evaporator drum. On 35% f steam coming out as of the superheater is abounding to the H.P. steam turbine. Steam coming out as of H.P. turbine is pass through reheater before supplying to L.P. turbine. The quantity of heat generated in evaporator drum is equal to steam tapped (65%) as of the super heater. Nozzles which distribute the superheated steam throughout water into the evaporator drum are of special plan and shun priming and noise. This boiler can carry higher salts absorption than any other type.

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