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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Working of Cornish Boiler

Working of Cornish Boiler Points : Working of Cornish boiler The Fuel is added in the grate part where it burn to create hot gases. There hot gases go into fire tube which take it in shell there it replace its heat by surrounding water. Water takes heat and after a few time it start boiling to make steam. Hot gases upon getting at end of fire tube, separated into two sections and every move into one of two side flue which take them one time again at front part of boiler where they are move into bottom flue and bottom flue take them to chimney. Chimney throws these gases out of boiler into the environment. In these method hot gases travels whole length of boiler thrice to be formerly in fire tube then in side flue and at last bottom flue. Highest heat transfer is taken put at fire tube and shell part then taken place at side flue and at last at base flue.

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