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Friday, 9 January 2015

Stirling Boiler

Stirling Boiler Points : stirling boiler, stirling bent tube boiler Stirling boiler is water tube boiler in which bent tubes are attached to three or four drums jointly and these bent tubes are inclined. Bent tubes are useful in respect to elasticity in maximize heat surface and no necessity of headers. For deflect hot gases the baffles are give. The feed water enter first steam drum placed near the exit way and pass from tubes to mud drum and then gets raised through tubes into further steam drum. Therefore water is circulated so as to pick highest heat as of hot gases. Steam generate is collect in upper part of steam drums as of where it can be extract out. The hot gas coming as of furnace area travels across the boiler and go out of way out passage after transfer heat contain by them. Such boilers are able of generating steam upto utmost pressure of 60 bar and steam generation rate up to 50,000 kg/hr.

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