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Monday, 12 January 2015

High Pressure Boiler

High Pressure Boiler Points : High Pressure Boiler, Definition, Types of high pressure boiler High pressure boilers usually function in supercritical range. Require of such boilers are felt as high pressure and temperature of steam produce in boiler improves plant effectiveness.These boilers contain forced circulation of water/steam in boiler. This forced flow is continue by employing proper pump. Steam drum is of extremely small size and in a few cases it might be even not present too. This is because of by forced circulation. Lest of natural circulation drum size has to be large. Actually the high pressure boilers have been feasible because of availability of high temperature resistant materials. Now direct heating of water tubes is completed by the very hot gases present in fire box. Fire box has big volume as otherwise expose water tubes shall melt. Heat is selected by number of parallel tubes contain water. These parallel tubes show as if it is a wall due to close spacing of tubes. High pressure boilers can have natural motion in case the steam pressure preferred lies among 100 and 170 bar and size is not constriction. High pressure boilers contain capability of generating better quantity of steam per unit of furnace volume. High pressure boilers are harmful as of safety point of view and thus, stringent reliability requirements of mountings is there.
Types of high pressure boiler 1. La Mont boiler
2. Benson boiler
3. Loeffler boiler
4. Schmidt-Hartmann boiler
5. Velox boiler
6. Supercharged boiler
All these boilers are explain in this site

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