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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Components of Nestler Boiler

Components of Nestler Boiler Points : parts of nestler boiler, components of nestler boiler The main components of nestler boiler are given below:
1. Stop valve
2. Safety valve
3. Manhole
4. Chimney
5. Blow off cock
6. Fusible plug
7. Pressure gauge
1. Stop valve A valve is a mechanism that regulates the run of a fluid (gases, fluidized solids slurries or liquids) through opening or closing or partly obstructing different passageways . 2. Safety valve This valve of purpose is to stop the steam pressure as of over the maximum limit. 3. Manhole To allow men to enter in to the boiler for check and repair. 4. Chimney Chimney takes smoke as of bottom flue and put up by it out to atmosphere. 5. Blow off cock To drain out water as of the boiler for inside cleaning inspection or other purpose. 6. Fusible plug To extinguish fire in occasion of water level in boiler shell falling under a certain specified limit it is installed below boiler’s water level. 7. Pressure gauge: To record the steam pressure at which steam are produce in boiler.
Bourdon pressure gauge in its simplest type consists of a simple elastic tube.
One end of tube is set and connected to steam space in boiler.
Other end is joined to a sector through a link.

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