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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Classification of Pumps

Classification of Pumps Points : Classification of Pumps, Types of Pumps On the source of transfer of mechanical energy, pumps can be classify as: 1) Positive displacement pumps: In positive displacement pumps, fluid is sucked and actually displaced by a piston/plunger to reciprocates in a cylinder. The quantity of fluid pump is equal to volume displaced through a piston. A usual exemplar of positive displacement pump is a reciprocating pump. 2) Rotodynamic pumps: In rotodynamic pumps, enlarge in energy level takes place due to combination of centrifugal energy, pressure energy and kinetic energy. They are classify as:
i) Radial flow pumps
ii) Axial flow pumps
iii) Mixed flow pump
i) Radial flow pumps: Flow of fluid is in its radial path where energy transfer takes place. They are usually called centrifugal pumps. ii) Axial flow pumps: Flow of energy takes place as the fluid flow is in axial direction. iii) Mixed flow pump: Energy transfer takes place as the fluid flow comprise of equally radial as well as axial components.

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