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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Benson Boiler

Benson Boiler Points : Benson Boiler, Definition Benson boiler is a water tube boiler able of produce steam at supercritical pressure. Mark benson, 1992 consider the design of generate steam at supercritical pressure in which water flash into vapour with no at all latent heat necessity. Over critical point water change into steam in absence of boiling and without any transform in quantity that is similar density. Different to the bubble formation on tube surface impair heat convey in normal pressure boilers, supercritical steam making does not have bubble creation and pulsation and so on due to it. The steam generation too occurs extremely rapidly in these boilers. As pressure and temperatures have to be over critical point, so material of construction must be strong sufficient to resist thermal stresses. Feed pump has to be of large ability as pressure in is fairly high, which also lowers plant competence due to large negative work condition. Benson boilers commonly have steam making pressure more than critical pressure and steaming rate of on 130–135 tons/hr. The thermal efficiency of these boilers is of arrange of 90%.

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