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Friday, 21 November 2014

Servicing Power Steering Hoses

Servicing Power Steering Hoses Points : Servicing Power Steering Hoses When checking a power steering system, always inspect the condition of power steering hoses. Usually there is much pressure in these hoses. If these hoses rupture, a sudden and dangerous loss of power assist can occur. Danger: Power steering pump pressure can exceed up to 1000 psi (6896 kPa). This pressure is sufficient to cause serious eye injury. Always wear a goggle with transparent glasses. When working on a power steering system. When installing a new hose, use a flare unit or tubing wrench. Start the new hose fitting by hand to avoid cross-threading. Tighten the hose fittings properly. Make sure the hose does not touch with moving or hot parts. It will damage the hose.

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