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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Recirculating Ball Gear Box

Recirculating Ball Gear Box Points : parts of Recirculating Ball Gear Box The recirculating ball gearbox is the most common type used with a linkage system. It has small steel balls that circulate between the gear members. Worm Shaft A worm shaft is the input gear connected to the steering column shaft. The balls fit and rid in the grooves in the worm gear. The sector shaft is the output gear from the steering gearbox. It transfers, motion to the steering linkage. A sector gear is machined on the inner end of the sector shaft. Ball Nut A ball nut rides on the ball bearings and worm gear. Grooves are cut in the ball nut to match the shape of the worm gear. Since ball nut cannot rotate, it slides up and down as the worm gear rotates. Ball Guides Ball guides rout extra balls in and out in between the worm and ball nut. The worm shaft is mounted in either ball or roller bearings. The sector shaft is also mounted on an antifriction bearing. Bearing Adjuster Nut A Bearing Adjuster Nut is usually provided to set worm shaft bearing pre load. Adjusting Screw An adjusting screw is used to set the sector shaft clearance. The gearbox housing provides an enclosure for the other components. Seals press into housing to prevent lubricant leakage at the worm and sector shaft. The shaft hearing also presses into the gearbox housing. Bolts to the car frame or a reinforced area on the unitized fit the housing. Body An end cover normally bolts on the housing to cover the end of the gear sector. It can be removed from gearbox service.

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