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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Power Rack And Pinion Steering

Power Rack And Pinion Steering Points : Power Rack And Pinion Steering, Power Cylinder, Power Piston, Hydraulic lines, Control Valve This system uses hydraulic pump pressure to assist the driver in moving the rack and front wheels.
The power steering pump is mounted on the front of the engine. A belt rotates the pump. Power steering hoses and metallic pipelines connect the pump with the rack and pinion gear.

A power rack and pinion assembly basically consist of:
1. Power Cylinder It is a hydraulic cylinder machined inside rack or gear housing. 2. Power Piston It is a hydraulic, double acting piston formed on rack. 3. Hydraulic Lines These are steel tubes, which connect the control valve and power cylinder. 4. Control Valve It is either a rotary or spool type hydraulic valve, which regulates pressure entry into each end of power piston.
The other parts of Power Rack and Pinion Steering assembly are similar to those, which are found on a manual rack and Pinion setup.
Power Cylinder and Piston A power cylinder tor rack arid pinion steering is accurately machined to accept the power piston. Provisions are made for hydraulic lines. The cylinder housing belts to the car frame member, just like a manual unit.

Attaching a hydraulic piston to the centre of the rack forms the power piston. A rubber seals fits around this piston. Seals are also used on each end of piston to keep fluid from leaking out.

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