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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Suspension Bushing Replacement

Suspension Bushing Replacement Points :Suspension Bushing Replacement Exact procedures for installing new suspension system bushing vary. Refer to service manual of the vehicle under repair for specifications. To remove the bushing in a front suspension system, first remove, the control arm.
This usually requires ball joint dismantling and compression of coil spring. The stabilizer bar and strut rod are also unbolted from the control arm. The bolts passing through the bushing are then removed with the control arm mounted in a vice; the new bushing may be installing. Either press or screw out the old bushing.
Always refer to a service manual for exact directions and specifications. This will assure a safe quality repair. Assemble and install the control arm in reverse order. Torque all bolts properly install the ball joint, cutter pin and other on preloading control arm bushings. Strut rod bushing and stabilizer (sway bar) bushing also requires replacement when worn.

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