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Operation of Dual Master Cylinder

Operation of Dual Master Cylinder Points : Operation of Dual Master Cylinder The action of the pistons, cups, and ports in the dual master cylinder is similar to a single piston unit. When both systems are in action (no fluid leaks) both pistons produce and supply pressure to all four of the wheel cylinders. If there is a pressure loss in the primary section of the brake system (rear section of the master cylinder) the primary piston slides forward and pusher on the secondary piston. This forces the secondary piston forward mechanically building pressure in two of the wheel brake assemblies.

When a brake line, wheel cylinder, or other component leaks in secondary circuit (parts feel by secondary piston) the secondary piston slides completely forward in the cylinder. There the rear primary piston provides hydraulic pressure for the other two brake assemblies. It is very unlikely that both systems fail at the same time.

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