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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Emergency (Parking) Brakes

Emergency (Parking) Brakes Points : Emergency (Parking) Brakes, hand brake car Emergency brakes also called parking brakes provide a mechanical means (cable and lever) of applying the brakes. When the parking brake hand or foot lever is activated, it pulls a steel cable that runs through a housing. The movement of the cable pulls on a lever inside the drum or disc brake assembly.

The lever action force the brake lining against the rear drums or discs to resist vehicle movement. I shows a foot operated emergency brake unit. When disc brakes are used on the rear, a thrust screw and lever can be added to the brake caliper. Then when the emergency brake is applied, the cable pulls on the caliper lever. The caliper lever turns the large thrust screw, which pushes on the caliper piston and applies the brake pads.

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