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Monday, 13 October 2014

Dual Master Cylinder

Dual Master Cylinder Points : Dual Master Cylinder Older cars used single piston single reservoir master cylinders. However, they were dangerous. If a brake fluid leak developed (line ruptures, seal damage, crack in break hose) a sudden loss of braking ability could occurs. Modern cars use a dual master cylinder for added safety. It is also called as tandem master cylinder. It has two separate hydraulic pistons and two separate hydraulic pistons and two fluid reservoirs. One piston normally operates two of the wheel cylinders.

The other piston operates the two other wheel cylinders. Then if there is a system, leak, the other master cylinder piston can still provide braking action on two wheels. In the dual master cylinder, the rear piston assembly is called the primary piston. The front piston is termed as the secondary piston.

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