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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Disc Brake Types

Disc Brake Types Points : Disc Brake Types Disc brakes can be classified as:
1. Floating caliper
2. Sliding caliper
3. Fixed caliper
1. Floating caliper Floating Caliper disc brake is mounted on two bolts supported by rubber bushings. The open piston caliper is free to shift or float in the rubber bushing. 2. Sliding caliper The Sliding Caliper type disc brake is mounted in slotted machined in the caliper adapter. The one piston caliper is free to slide side ways in the slots or grooves as the living wear look. 3. Fixed caliper Floating and sliding caliper are used to avoid vibration problems with a fixed caliper, sever vibrations can occur with a slight run out (wobble) of the disc.

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