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Vertical Boring Machine

Vertical Boring Machine Points : Vertical Boring Machine, Working, Construction Vertical boring machine is use for machining inside and outside diameters and facing of big pieces similar to turbine castings, tables of machine tools, pressure vessels and so on. It has of a heavy cast iron bed. It carries a circular cable above it. Table is give by T-slots for clamping work. Two vertical columns are giving on the sides of bed. Columns are bridge by means of cross rail. Cross rail might be moved up and down. Cross rail carry one or two tool-heads. Tool-heads can too move up and down and in longitudinal way. Every vertical column carries one tool-head which can move up and down and in longitudinal way. Everyone tool-heads can be swivelled to a definite angle for taking angular cuts. The tool is fed against the rotary work to remove materials.

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