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Horizontal Boring Machine

Horizontal Boring Machine Points : Horizontal Boring Machine, Working, Construction Horizontal boring machines are built in such a way that workpiece residue motionless and tool revolves.
The necessary features of machine are:
(i) Horizontal spindle that turn Liz cutting tool.
(ii) Table that can motivate and fed in two directions in horizontal plane.
(iii) Head stock to can motivate vertically.
(iv) An outboard bearing hold for a long boring bar.

Horizontal boring machines perform different operations at different locations on workpiece with no the require for changing basic setup and they uphold accurate relationship among machined surfaces. Tool is mounting also in a stub type bar held in spindle or in an extended line type bar whose outer end is support in bearings on outboard support. These machines are accessible in an extensive range of capacities. Size of machine is usually specified through diameter of its spindle, which vanes as of 75 to 250 mm. These machines are used primarily for boring holes under 30 cm in diameter or for long holes or for a sequence of inline holes. These machines are widely use for large, forgings, complex castings, weldments and comparable workpieces.

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