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Pattern Material

Pattern Material Points : Pattern Material, Functions of the Pattern, Molding, Casting patterns, Patterns might be constructed as of following materials. Every material has it’s possess advantages, limitations, and field of application. Various materials use for make patterns are wood, metals and alloys, plaster of Paris, plastic and rubbers, resins and wax. To be proper for use, pattern material must be:
1. Simply worked, joined and shaped.
2. Light in heaviness
3. Strong, hard and tough
4. Resistant to wear and abrasion
5. Opposing to rust, and to chemical reactions
6. Dimensionally constant and unmoved by variations in temperature and humidity
7. Accessible at low cost

The common pattern materials are metal, wood and plastics. The mainly usually use pattern material is wood, as it is eagerly available and of small weight. Also, it can be simply shaped and is fairly cheap. The major disadvantage of wood is its absorption of moisture, which can reason distortion and dimensional changes. Therefore, correct seasoning and upkeep of wood is approximately a pre-requisite for large-scale use of wood as pattern material.

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