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Friday, 29 August 2014

Advantages and Disadvantages of Low Pressure Casting

Advantages and Disadvantages of Low Pressure Casting Points : Advantages and Disadvantages of Low Pressure Casting Process Advantages
  1. Extremely good surface finish can obtain & mainly of pressure die castings can directly electroplated with no any extra processing.
  2. Feasible to get fairly difficult castings than that possible by gravity die casting due to use of variable cores.
  3. Extremely small thicknesses can simply fill as liquid metal is injected in high pressure.
  4. High rate production can achieve as entire process is fully automated.
  5. Very inexpensive for large scale manufacture.
  6. Castings are heat treatable.
  1. Huge capital speculation is necessary to set up a pressure die casting method as die casting machines & tooling costs are extremely expensive.
  2. Not proper for every materials as of limitations of die materials & alloys use must have a low melting point.
  3. Feeding thin sections through thick sections is not optional casting weight range 5Kg - 25Kg.
  4. High porosity is regular & heat treatment is not easy.
  5. Fairly accurate economical quantity range>1000.
  6. Size of casting limited by machine size.

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