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Function and Operation of Drilling Machine

Function and Operation of Drilling Machine Points : Function and Operation of Drill Press, Working of Drill Press. Function and Operation of Drilling Machine, Working of Drilling Machine Drill press is a powerful machine tool use for drill holes in different materials. Two regular types of drill presses are upright floor mounted and the bench type. Usual sizes variety as of one third to three horsepower and a general machine shop drill press can drill holes able to 1 inch in diameter. The common of drill bits are prepared of high speed steel. Drill bits that are tapered, fit directly in spindle of drill press. Regular non-tapered bits, assemble into key or keyless chuck. Chuck is then located into spindle. Drill presses are usually powered through an electric motor which is mounting at back of the head assembly. Power is generally transmit as of motor to spindle using v-groove belts and gear box. Spindle speeds are modify by place v-belt on unusual grooves atop spindle and motor drive pulleys, or through use handles to adjust the gear ratio on gear box. Spindle is enforced down by a handle placed on the right side of head assembly. Pull the handle forward and down move about the spindle down, and release the handle returns spindle through spring action. This handle must be pulled by slow stable pressure allow for irregular release in pressure to decrease heat and prevent long strands of waste material as of interfering or injuring the operator. Equally the head assembly and table can generally be adjusted up and down. A few tables allow lifting action to suit work at hand.

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