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Construction of Drilling Machine

Construction of Drilling Machine Points : Construction of Drilling Machine, Construction of Drill Press, Construction and Working of Drilling Machine In drilling machine the drill is turn and fed along its axis of rotation in motionless workpiece. Parts of a drilling machine are discussed: (i) Head contain electric motor, V-pulley and V-belt which convey rotary motion to drill spindle at number of speeds. (ii) Spindle is invented of alloy steel. It rotate over and above moves up and down in sleeve. Pinion engages a rack fixed onto sleeve to give vertical changeable movement of spindle with thus the drill so that the similar can fed into workpiece or reserved as of it though drilling. Drill speed and spindle speed is adjust by the help of V-belt and V-step- pulleys. Bigger drilling machines are having gear boxes for held function. (iii) Drill chuck is held at end of drill spindle and in rotate it hold drill bit. (iv) Changeable work table is support on column of machine and can motivated equally vertically and horizontally. Tables are commonly having slots in order that the vise or the workpiece can strongly hold on it. (v) Base table is a grave casting and it supports drill press construction. Base supports column, which in rotate, supports the table, head and so on. (vi) Column is vertical round or box part which has a rest on the base and supports head with the table. Round column can have rack teeth cut on it so that table can increase or lower depending upon the workpiece necessities.

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