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Difference between CNC and NC Machine

Difference between CNC and NC Machine Points : Difference between CNC and NC Machine, Comparison of CNC and NC Machine, Difference between Computer Numeric Control and Numeric Control Machine, CNC vs NC
Difference between CNC and NC Machine
CNC Machine
NC Machine
1.Identify program it can identify the machine faulty constant before the part is formed.NC machine is cannot diagnose.
2.Exchange of units inches can be changed include to be changed into SI units in memory simply.Conversion of units.
3.Long-run application is not suitable.Long-run application is suitable.
4.CNC machine maintenance more costly.NC machine maintenance cost lesser.
5.CNC machine have more flexibility.NC machine have less flexibility.
6.Editing of program simply edited.Editing of program is difficult.
7.Cannot required skilled operator.Skilled operator required.
8.Date reading is error less.Date reading has more error.
9.CNC machine cost is high.NC machine cost is low.

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