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Blow Holes

Blow Holes Points : Blow holes, Cupola Furnace The blowholes are flat with round holes visibly detectable on surface of the casting. They might be either in the form of a cluster of a large number of small holes have a diameter of about 3 mm or less of in form of one large and level depression. Blowholes are cause in a casting by the creation and accretion or gas of entraps air in the mould cavity. Gas may create as of organic binders, excess moisture in the sand as of any corrosion of other gas produce substances on chills chaplets or insert. Too while permeability of sand is low, sand grains are too tine sand is rammed too hard or vent is deficient. Blow holes might be banned by using accurately vented cores if adequate mould permeability, using chaplets, clean chills, or inserts and maintain in the moisture content and other unstable sand element at lowest feasible level, sand of the correct grain size should be use ramming must not be too hard and venting should he sufficient.

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