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Properties of the Melt Charge Cupola Furnace

Properties of the Melt Charge Points : Properties of the Melt Charge, Cupola Furnace
  1. To decrease oxidation and gas suspension, shun transferring metal too many times among furnace and ladle or among ladles avoid too much stirring of the melt.
  2. Molten metal must he tapped as fast as possible long holding among meetings and pouring should be avoid.
  3. To prepare a clean melt, plummeting slag, dross inclusion and other useless particles.
  4. The materials must be heated and brought to melting temperatures as fast as possible.
  5. Charge must he free from moisture, oil, grease, adhering sand and paint and so on.
  6. To decrease the gas content of the melt as much as possible.
  7. To reach the requisite pouring temperature for the melt.
  8. Place, ladles must be free as of moisture, oil etc.
  9. To take the necessary work of the alloy.

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