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Types of Regulator

Types of Regulator Points : Types of Regulator, functions of Regulator, Single Stage Regulator, single stage and second as double or two stage Regulator Single Stage Regulator It has basically a brass casting entitle body. Gas enters at the inlet part and the existence of the cylinder is signifying on the pressure gauge. The gas after that enters the body during the opening. This opening is controlled by a regulator. The pressure inside the body rise until it overcomes the pressure of spring. Spring take the diaphragm constantly loaded. Now with amplify in the pressure the diaphragm is pressed back which pushes back the valve and the opening is closed. The outlet is also fitted by a pressure gauge (blow pipe pressure) which shows the operational pressure on the torch. While gas is drawn off, the pressure inside the body falls and the diaphragm is pushed back by the spring. After that the valve opens and other gas enters in the body. The pressure (outlet) can be familiar by means of an adjusting screw. A safety valve put off dangerous pressures being set up in a body. Commonly in single stage regulator pressure may not linger constant and so it is not as capable as a double or two stage regulators. Double Stage Regulator Double Stage is also known as Two Stage Regulator the pressure of the cylinder is compact in two stages. Working principle is like to that of single stage regulation but it has double set of pressure springs and diaphragms. In this kind the first stage is not modifiable. When the gas enters the second stage its pressure is controlled through the pressure screw.

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