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Wood Working Lathe Machine

Woodworking Lathe Points : Woodworking Lathe, Describe Woodworking Lathe used in woodworking shops Woodworking lathe is mainly essential machine use in a woodwork shop. This is working above all for turning work in making cylindrical parts. Though, by duly manipulating the tools, tapers radial and further unequal shapes can also be simply twisted. It look like the “engine lathe mainly commonly used in machine shop and have of a cast iron bed a head stock, tail stock, tool rest, live with dead centers and a speed manage machine. Drive in current lathes is being motor driven and a cone pulley on the head stock spindle is linked by a belt to a cone pulley on motor shaft. In perform; work piece is also clamped among two centers or on a face plate. Long jobs are detained among the centers and turned by the help of groove, skew chisel, parting tool, et cetera. Commonly, the lathe is complete jointly by a number of trimmings for making it helpful for a range of work.

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