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Polyphase AC Circuits - Multiple Choice Questions, Blanks & True False

Polyphase AC Circuits - Multiple Choice Questions, Blanks & True False Points : polyphase ac circuits, multiple choice questions and answer,polyphase ac circuits - fill in the blanks,polyphase ac circuits - true or false, polyphase ac circuits mcqs, objective type questions principles of electrical engineering Multiple Choice Questions 1. The point ‘N’ in star connection is known as
(a) Neutral point
(b) Star point
(c) Both a and b

2. Current coil and pressure coil present in
(a) Wattmeter
(b) Ammeter
(c) Voltmeter

3. Power is measured by
(a) Voltmeter
(b) Frequency meter
(c) Wattmeter

4. The value of cos6O° is
(b) 0.866
(c) None of them
True and False 1. Poly-phase means the order in which 3-phase attain their minimum values. F
2. In poly-phase, the phases are 120° electrical degree apart each other. T
3. In 3-phase star connection has one neutral point. T
4. In 3-phase delta connection there are two neutral points. F
5. In star connection, IL = Iph. T
6. Static capacitor is power corrective equipment. T
Fill in the blanks 1. In 3-phase star connection the line current, IL = Iph.
2. In 3-phase delta connection line current, IL = 3 Iph..
3. The value of power for delta or star connected, P = 3VL IL cos–§.
4. The value of 1.732.
5. Wattmeter is used to measure the power.

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