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Thermodynamic and Energy Conservation - Fill in the Blanks

Thermodynamic and Energy Conservation - Fill in the Blanks Points : thermodynamic and energy conservation - fill in the blanks, thermodynamic objective type question 1. The saturation temperature of team with increase in pressure increases first rapidly and then slowly.
2. Heating of dry steam above saturation temperature is known as super heating .
3. The mathematical expression for dryness fraction of steam is x = Ws /(W s + W) .
4. The mathematical expression for total heat of wt steam is Hw = Hw = h + xL
5. The mathematical expression for hat of dry steam I) Hs Hs h + L.
6. The mathematical expression for total heat of superheated steam is Hsup = h + L + CP (tsup - tsat)
7. Types of boilers according to the contents in the tube are i. Fire tube & ii. Water tube .
8. Simple vertical boiler is a type of fire tube boiler.
9. Cochran, Lancashire and Scotch marine boiler are types of fire tube boiler.
10. Bab-cock and Wilcox boiler is a type of water tube boiler.

11. A water level indicator indicates the level of water inside the boiler.
12. A steam stop value controls the flow of steam.
13. A blow off cock is used to the empty boiler whenever required.
14. The function of fed check value is to regulate the supply of water pumped into the boiler.
15. The main boiler accessories are i) feed pump ii) superheater iii) Economizer
16. The steam engines are internal combustion engine.
17. The frame of steam engine is made of brass
18. The purpose of piston rings is to leakage steam.
19. The function of eccentric is to provide linear Motion to the slide valve.
20. The function of the fly wheel is to prevent the strokes of engine.
21. The two main type of turbines are impulse and reaction turbine
22. The thermal efficiency of a turbine is more than a reciprocating steam engine.
23. In the impulse turbine the steam expands in the nozzle
24. De-Laval turbine simple impulse turbine /simple Reaction turbine.
25. Parson’s turbine is Simple in pulse turbine/simple reaction turbine.
26. Steam consumption is less in steam turbines as compared to reciprocating team engine.
27. Impulse/reaction/gas turbines gas turbine are used to drive air compressors in turbojets and turbo propeller engines.

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